The Curvy lesbian
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Hey there!

My name is Blake and I like clothes more than I like most people. I write for Qwear also, so check that out. I do stuff for dapperQ sometimes.
I like clothes.
Have a great day!
  1. wiwt

    Fancy for no reason

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    Hi Blake, great outfit! Do you mind posting what brand the blazer is? Thanks!
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    There’s always a reason to be fancy
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    as it should be every day.
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    Rock that bow tie! Sweet.
  10. fannyhams said: Hubba Hubba
  11. cake9 said: That last excited face is my favorite haha. Nice touch of color with the pants! Again, digging the lapel rose U u U
  12. qwear said: Ok, is it just me, or does every outfit of yours get better and better??
  13. my-cavanaugh-park said: i love your style!